Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First post

This is my Lego website. My Mommy created it for me. She says that this way I can share my stuff with my family who doesn't live here. These are some things I got for my 6th birthday yesterday.

This is a Lego and it's a Star Wars Lego. It's wings are like bending shields for the ship. It means that it can protect it from anything coming (at it).

This is a Dragon! The wings can go up and down and there is fire that comes out of it's nose. You can move the tail too. The head can move just like the tail, and you can make it look down at it's baby dragon. The wings can work like shields too. The feet can move front and back. It's really cool.

This is a Brachiosaurus. It's neck can move down so it can look at it's baby dinosaur. (I accidentally said dragon to my Mom) There are holes in the back legs so you can make knees. That's all.