Thursday, September 22, 2005

I got tagged!

I like the eagle that Art Lad drew on his blog. I haven't put any pictures of my Legos because my Mom is packing for the new house. The new house is going to be finished in 1 week! I am excited! I am playing this game because Art Lad tagged me.

What I did yesterday: We went to music (in school) and played some different instruments.

My 3 favorite games: Dinosaurs, Star Wars, and Operation Shrek.

My 3 favorite songs: Sponge Bob (I'm a Goofy Goober), Power Rangers Theme song, and Monster Mash.

My 3 favorite toys: Legos!, Power Ranger dinosaurs, Lego Knights.

My 3 favorite snacks: Cake, ice cream, and Oreos.

My 3 favorite movies: Star Wars, Sponge Bob, and Power Rangers.

My 3 favorite books: 10 Little Dinosaurs, Bob the Builder, and David Goes to School.

My 3 favorite colors: Blue, yellow, and green.

The three kids I'm tagging: I don't know any more kids with blogs so I can't tag anyone.

That's all. I will put more pictures up soon, when we get in the house.



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