Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More dinosaurs

This is a dinosaur scene I made out of legos. There is a T-Rex (in the back), and Long Neck (in the front), and a rhinoceros, and a pterodactyl (on the far right). Did you know that rhinos lived in Triassic times? I read that in a book. There is one tree, but it's hidden by the long neck dinosaur. But that is okay. You still can see a little bit of it. That's all. The rhinoceros's horn glows in the dark!

Monday, October 17, 2005


This is a triceratops. It's ears can move to make it look like a dog, and it's tail can move very far up. And it's legs break easily.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I got tagged!

I like the eagle that Art Lad drew on his blog. I haven't put any pictures of my Legos because my Mom is packing for the new house. The new house is going to be finished in 1 week! I am excited! I am playing this game because Art Lad tagged me.

What I did yesterday: We went to music (in school) and played some different instruments.

My 3 favorite games: Dinosaurs, Star Wars, and Operation Shrek.

My 3 favorite songs: Sponge Bob (I'm a Goofy Goober), Power Rangers Theme song, and Monster Mash.

My 3 favorite toys: Legos!, Power Ranger dinosaurs, Lego Knights.

My 3 favorite snacks: Cake, ice cream, and Oreos.

My 3 favorite movies: Star Wars, Sponge Bob, and Power Rangers.

My 3 favorite books: 10 Little Dinosaurs, Bob the Builder, and David Goes to School.

My 3 favorite colors: Blue, yellow, and green.

The three kids I'm tagging: I don't know any more kids with blogs so I can't tag anyone.

That's all. I will put more pictures up soon, when we get in the house.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

New stuff

The blue one is a Knight. There are two black circles in the back and when you push them up and down they make the arms move!

And the brown one is a Bionicle. The head can move and comes off very easy. You can make the hands and arms move. You can make the legs move too!

You can take the top off this and get the guy out to play with. This isn't a Lego, it's Mega Block.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First post

This is my Lego website. My Mommy created it for me. She says that this way I can share my stuff with my family who doesn't live here. These are some things I got for my 6th birthday yesterday.

This is a Lego and it's a Star Wars Lego. It's wings are like bending shields for the ship. It means that it can protect it from anything coming (at it).

This is a Dragon! The wings can go up and down and there is fire that comes out of it's nose. You can move the tail too. The head can move just like the tail, and you can make it look down at it's baby dragon. The wings can work like shields too. The feet can move front and back. It's really cool.

This is a Brachiosaurus. It's neck can move down so it can look at it's baby dinosaur. (I accidentally said dragon to my Mom) There are holes in the back legs so you can make knees. That's all.